Essay on Nursing 101

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Nursing 101. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Therefore, clinical care delivery and clinical learning experiences of a student nurse like me would ideally also drift from the conventional system. I am too novice to comment on this, and I am sure once my studies go in a full throttle, things will appear as they are.As is evident, in a healthcare setting dominated by specialists and super specialists, there is possibility of some kind of fragmentation of the care, and in my opinion, to avoid such, a holistic concept of people, health, wellness, and healing needs to be used. I know, a holistic perspective focuses on all dimensions of an individual, including physiological, psychological, social, cultural, cognitive, and spiritual. It has a philosophy inherent in this, and this philosophy, I believe, creates the fundamental paradigm of nursing as a profession. Although I am new in this field, I am given to understand that nursing is an art and science of caring and healing that promotes health. The spiritual aspect of nursing is very much relevant to even modern healthcare in the sense that at least spirit may indicate a will to live. This is the life force within a person and spirituality indicates the presence of this phenomenon. However, this is intangible and cannot be located. Without going in to the debate whether it is related to religious aspects of human life, scientific evidence suggests that loss of this life force is detrimental to survival. This concept encompasses a concern or caring that extends from ourselves to others, meaning as the nurse has care and concern for her won existence and survival, they should face the other with an equal concern for their existence and survival (Bunkers, SS., 2008).Disease is a process that expresses in a human being as a result of reaction to the environment, and according to my philosophy, nursing is a process by which the art of caring is manifested. This art of caring, of course, is guided by the philosophical approaches to define

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