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Essay on operation

Compose a 750 words essay on Operation (THE MONGOLIAN GRILL). In addition, Mr. Butkus should ensure that all new staff understands the concept fully before commencing work. This includes thorough orientation and training to ensure new staff understands the four main features: entertaining and interactive environment, fresh and healthy food ingredients, unlimited food quantities, and customer involvement during food preparation.If Mr. Butkus chooses to move the cooking grill to the center in order to allow more space, he should also consider hiring additional staff immediately to work part time. The idea is to allow enough time for the new employees to train and understand the concept as well as to familiarize them to customers.Mr. Butkus, the owner of the Mongolian Grill restaurant in London Ontario considered a major design decision on whether to change the change the original design of the Waterloo location in order to increase the grill capacity and serve customer faster. The major decision for Mr. Butkus was whether to add a second area for food preparation or to move the cooking grill.i. Move the cooking grill from the corner to a central area in the restaurant in order to increase counter space. This strategic decision would create more space and allow the restaurant to accommodate more patrons, especially during the peak hours.ii. Immediately hire more cooks to work during busy periods in order to reduce workload to existing staff. The current staffs are overworked and may not perform as expected for the company to meet its operational objectives. Hiring additional staff would ensure that the restaurant does not neglect important aspects of operations including cleanliness and focus on fresh foods. Furthermore, tired staff may be detrimental to the restaurant. Therefore, this decision would ensure that staff focuses more on delivering the best service, a primary goal for the business.iii. Allow two cooks to work 30-minute intervals covering a single shift. Although this would increase the cost

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