Essay on PHIL 102

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Hi, I need help with essay on PHIL 102. Paper must be at least 500 words. Ethics is taught by use of scenarios with less or no practical value. When learning, an example is given where people are stuck in a boat and they have to eat one person to survive. This is not a practical situation, but is still used to teach ethics and the formulated principles rarely apply in different contexts. This theme helps in showing ways of evaluating actions in a particular circumstance.

The theme of life is also highlighted in ethics where it is viewed as a standard of value found in objectivist ethics. It involves use of different views to explain concepts of life and the correct ways of living. It is necessary to have better and integrated views about life to help us live ethically with other people. When contrasting and comparing the views in life, standards of comparison should be set clearly. Normally, life entails more than what meets the eye.

Transition is also an important theme in ethics, which tries to show how various behaviors are automated.

It also highlights what is involved in changing to a new set of ethics, and the process of identifying if the new ethics are practical. It is not easy to practice an ethical theory and values along with moral premises need to be examined to march rational judgment of the right thing. With time, people change the way in which they view some mannerisms, and whether they are wrong or right. Transition leads to change in perception, which is necessary for every person or community to embrace.Value is a key theme in ethics and it defines what an individual aims at getting after applying ethics. It can be physical. maybe money or belongings, and it can be intangible, maybe physical fitness, pleasure, romance, or friendship. Ethics involves making choices on possible outcomes of choosing values and goals. Value judgment used in determining if an action or occurrence is right or wrong, which….

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