Essay on Poetry Response

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 250 words essay on Poetry Response. The poet talks about the person he met in the city and was born at Columbia Hospital.Margaret has employed different styles to ensure that his point is put across, and the intended thematic content of the poem attained. In the first stanza, the poet has used several rhetorical questions implying persona’s dissatisfaction as a born Washingtonian. Questions like “does it feel me?” clarify this. The entire poem is allegorical, in nature. It uses figurative language to depict the un-satisfaction of the city residents. For instance, “my step is light in this city compared to his” the poet has used this phrase to mean that the persona, who is a born resident of the town, has less influence on most of the city activities compared to immigrants, for example, those from Columbia.The poet also complains of the faults and mistakes done by the immigrants. “…people walk in crooked lines.” The poet uses this to reveal his disappointment on the way immigrants behave in the city. To him, they are the main cause of hindrance in seriousness in the city. “Crooked lines” in this excerpt may also imply mischievous and unaccepted behaviors, which are against the societal norms, for instance corruption. In short, the poet portrays the behaviors of the immigrants as immoral and unjust. The general theme, put across in this poem, is complaints from the born Washingtonians about the misbehaviors of the immigrants in the

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