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Essay on SCREEN CULTURE. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Besides, they use this for program scheduling of day to day programs at certain times of the day or night. In this essay, it argued that genres are the cultural categories that operate within the television industry. It is also argued that very little research has been done on screen culture to explain the role of genres.This essay, therefore, looks at the television media genres by inclusively using contemporary cultural theory comparing it to the traditional one in order to find the answers to these arguments.This lack of theoretical exploration is explained by a number of factors. Most scholars view the entire body of genre theory as sufficient enough to explain the genre in any medium. The film genre does not account for some of the industry and audience norms which are uniquely identified with the television.In particular, the major question which motivate scholars in the current days is: how do these television programs compare to the historical systems of politics and power? The solutions to this questions have not been adequately given. This is because most television genre scholars seem to be contented with the initial research done. The few who seem to care have been quickly convinced into buying the idea of the film and literally theories, in which, they seldom notice the errors made and recommend it for more research to be done. Most traditional approaches to the television genres have relied on a few assumptions which should be studied and resurfaced in the contemporary theoretical paradigms.Traditionally, the genre has been looked at by the media scholars as a component of the text using various guiding questions. This seeks to identify the core elements entailed in a particular genre by looking at the texts in order to cripple any formal mechanisms that constitute the viability of that genre. Another approach, which most probably is common in the media studies raises the questions of interpretation by critically studying

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