Essay on TBA video

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 3 page essay on the topic TBA.In the video, Mrs. Kondo fights to reduce the increasing rudeness among Japanese youth (ABC News: Cultural Differences In Manners Between Japan And The U.S.). During the interview, we see her smiling the whole time of the interview. In addition to we also see the women in her class speak in low tones, which is an indicator of the non-verbal communication skills in the video.2. In the McDonalds commercial, there is a young shouting, this is a clear indication of the non-verbal codes. The young man shouts while raising his hands up to show excitement. The gesture indicates that there is the use of non-verbal codes in the short video. Mrs. Kondo is shaking her head when she says that there is a decline in manners among the youths in the Japan. She argues that the American culture has a strong influence on the modern Japan culture. Deborah Tannen shakes her head when she says that modern youths are comfortable in using technology.3. The use of non-verbal gestures and codes in the video plays a major role in the video. The non-verbal messages in the individuals in the video to sensitize their views on the impact f American culture on the Japanese culture. It helps show the emotional state of most of the individuals in the video. The state official indicates to the interviewer that he has finished speaking by nodding his head. It is an indication that regulates the flow of communication between conversations. It provides appropriate feedback to individuals during interviews. Mrs. Kondo feels that the modern youth do not have manners when holding discussions. She insists that they do not have manners. According to her, the Japanese youth does not act the way the society expects them to do. At the beginning of the video, we find Mrs. Kondo teaching the interviewer how to bow in front of people during greetings. The gestures indicate that of politeness in the

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