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Essay on Using the product or service of your choice

Write an essay on Using the product or service of your choice describe the behaviors in making a purchase. It needs to be at least 500 words.Chaudhuri (2006) noted that consumer behaviour is influenced by both internal and external factors. The internal factors include personality, lifestyle, motivation, demographics, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, knowledge etc. The external factors include: ethnicity, family, advice, locality, culture, social class etc.The motive of the purchaser or consumer is one of the important factors influencing the purchase of a car. According to Evans, Foxal and Jamal (2009), motive is the driving force that makes an individual want to obtain a certain product. In this case, the purchase of a car will depend entirely on the needs of the purchaser. A consumer may have certain needs that make it necessary to purchase a car instead of purchasing a motor bike for instance. This needs underpin the processes involved in deciding to buy a car.Again the social status and financial capability of a purchaser also influences the decision to purchase. A buyer with good financial capability will purchase a car based on his social standing in the society and the impression he or she wants to make. Such a buyer not only needs a car, but the car has to conform to certain desired standards. These factors go hand in hand with the lifestyle of the purchaser of the car.According to Graves (2010), the purchaser’s attitude towards a certain type of car in combination to his or her knowledge and ability play a central role in determining whether a purchaser of a car will purchase a certain car. The knowledge of a purchaser of a car with regards to strengths and weaknesses of the car shape his attitude towards the car and this in combination with his financial ability then determine which type of car will be bought.Social factors also influence the purchaser’s choice of a product. According to Underhill (2008), social factors like family, friends and the greater society influence a purchaser’s choice. A buyer will buy a car that meets the criterion that in

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