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Compose a 500 words essay on Your choice. Details of these Leisure Tours shall initially be consulted with the clients to ensure that they agree on their itineraries. We also offer Educational Tours to particular destinations in and out of Florida. Our target market for these packages would include International and Tourist Groups, and students from Primary to Tertiary level.Up and Go Travel and Tours shall likewise offer packages for corporate travel, family vacations, honeymoons. Our specialty includes travel packages within the state since Florida prides itself as a major tourist destination. We will also include in our menu of travel packages neighboring states. Our initial focus shall be bringing travelers to every tourist destination in the US, eventually expanding to Europe and Asia.Despite the fact that competition in Florida could be stiff due to the existence of numerous travel agencies in the state, Up and Go Travel and Tours shall rise above the rest due to its personal approach in dealing with clients. We will offer travel packages but would be open to adjust the details according to our client’s requirements. We will also assign one Travel Specialist per client to assist him during the planning stage, to be in touch with him during the travel period and to offer any after-sales service as needed.Since Tourism makes up the largest sector of the state company, a well-established client based is already present in the area. Aware of the presence of other well-established Travel Agencies in Florida, our products would be slightly different from their existing travel packages in such a way that our focus are more on Leisure and Educational Tours, with specific itineraries in mind. We do not just offer packages limited to flight and accommodation details. What we offer is a comprehensive travel package, complete with an itinerary and Travel Specialist whose services our client would have the choice of availing of.In order to instantly reach a large audience, Up and Go Travel

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