Essay Philosophy: Moral vs Social Problems

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay Philosophy: Moral vs Social Problems. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the Classical Greek culture, the question concerning happiness and good life was given great significance, and this question is the basis of the Classical Moral Philosophy which sought to give a definition to the concept of happiness and to find the various ways in which people could achieve it. There is a broad agreement among the classical thinkers on the good life, and they maintain that a good life requires essential aspects of moral life such as the attainment of the virtues, the excellences of intellect and moral character, etc. As the form of government changed from city-state to empire, scholars started searching for a new meaning for the concept of happiness and different types of philosophical conclusions came up. Two of the most popular philosophical explanations of how one can achieve happiness were suggested by Epicureans and Stoics. The Oscar-winning film Gladiator offers one of the compelling explanations of the difference between the Stoic perspective and the Epicurean perspective on the conception of happiness.As a foreword to the analysis of the film Gladiator&nbsp.based on the Stoic perspective and the Epicurean perspective, it is essential to discuss the general conception of happiness developed by each philosophy. Fundamentally, both these philosophies come up with differing views on how to achieve happiness and how to reform the moral condition of the Roman Empire. Whereas the Epicureans argue that it is important to create alternative forms of community to achieve happiness, the Stoics maintain that there should be reforms of the public-political order. According to Epicureanism, the vital duty of human beings is to seek happiness which consists of wisdom. Derived from the Cyrenaics, Epicureanism maintains that nature, as well as the human soul, integrates complex configurations of atoms in the void, and it defines pain and&nbsp.anxiety as states of agitation of soul-atoms. There are two types of agitation, i.e. peripheral agitations or physical pain, and central agitations or mental suffering. Epicureanism purports that happiness is pleasure, i.e. absence of pain and agitation.

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