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Essay Reflection

Essay Reflection Paper on the written prompt below. My idea for the paper would be to discuss the 3 strikes law and how it briefly became a law And the aftermath of how it has caused over crowing in prisons and strained the prison/correctional system. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.However, these laws have transformed significantly to the extent that the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent crimes not need to be that serious. Shoplifting alone could land one in prison under this law. This is because use of the laws has moved from a liberal point of view to a conservative point of view. This is because politics have taken center stage in the laws. Despite an outcry to alter the laws, politicians have failed to respond because they are afraid of losing the people’s confidence in their ability to fight crime. In the end, the three strikes laws have jammed prisons with petty offenders at a massive cost of $22,000 per inmate per year. The fact that some states do not consider the weight of the third offence calls for either an amendment on the law, or total abolishment. This creates a hot debate about the three strikes laws.Worldwide, the largest prison system is Americas. Two thirds of the prisoners are either Latinos or blacks. Most of the prisoners are non violent offenders. The laws are laden with unintended upshots, but its change will only require statewide vote (Reaves, 2003).Statewide votes can never be genuine since politics will always play a big role in determining the outcomes. The absurdity of the law is that more than half of those behind bars as a result of the three strikes laws are not in for serious crimes. Some of the crimes are as petty as shoplifting.Many nationals do not understand the need for overhaul of the three strikes laws because politics and politicians try to make them ignorant of the situation. This ends up creating a situation in which civilians will always regard politicians as truthful. Since politics is a game of numbers, the laws may never be changed as long as politics is at play.The supplementary number of prisoners inflates prison expenditure (Jones, 2008). This money could be diverted to something else in the national or state budget. Some of the offences of criminals serving life

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