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Essay Research Design, Workflow, and Methods

Essay Research Design, Workflow, and Methods. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In research, combining two knowledge bases sometimes creates a single large knowledge base plus a new one. ‘Basic’ research generates new knowledge and options, whereas ‘applied’ research generates new knowledge with a practical aim. New insights can help change the way business-related activities are conducted.Both basic and applied research are used in healthcare. Health research may examine cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriate and/or acceptable health services in primary and secondary health care. Health research does not overlap with audit and quality assurance, as the former assesses whether an aim has been achieved while the latter monitors it.Both deductive and inductive research have strengths and weaknesses which make them appropriate for use in certain situations and may be used in different phases of the same study, depending on its requirements.The deductive approach starts with a general hypothesis which is defined as information is gathered. Refining the hypothesis allows the narrowing of the study’s focus on areas of interest as defined by the data. Deductive research is often applied to questionnaires and the collection of quantitative data.Deductive research is a structured approach based on scientific principles. It is easy to standardize, so the researcher need not be highly knowledgeable about the topic. The time-consuming phases are set-up and data collection, so the amount of time needed for such research can be scheduled and predicted easily. Deductive research is relatively low risk, however, there are some concerns. Causal relationships between all variables in the research must be defined. Sample sizes must be large enough to generate conclusions that are reliable in all applications of the data. Abstract concepts must be clearly defined to reduce ambiguity for respondents and increase the reliability of data.

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