Essay The Smoke Ban Policies

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Essay The Smoke Ban Policies. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Ozarks technical college became amongst the first to see the smoke free policy implementation in 2003, and in accordance with a certain analyst, who assisted in drafting the initiative in this school, there was light feedback from the learners. The policy is easily implemented by not forcing the learners to quit the tendency. For one to be successful in implementing this kind of initiative there should be minimal opposition. The smoking prevalence decreased to 18.9% up from 24.4%in adults with the age of 18-24 from the year 2005 to the year 2011, in accordance with a research Centre (CDC). The age group is now among the ones with the lowest prevalence in smoking of age below 65. It was 6 years back. the group was highest in the smoking number.Some people say it is trying to contribute to the decrease in the smoking-free campus as much as it is not the objective- it is about the creation of a respectful environment. Smoking is an individual s personal decision although it makes many happy that they won’t meet unwanted smoke in the compound of the University of Florida. The ban on smoke was implemented in 2010 (Popular science, pg.47). Emory University was freed from smoke in the past one year, and in accordance with Zesiger, one of the directors of that school the move was never harmful in any way. There has not been any complaint to the admissions of the need to reinstate the move. According to them, many learners do not use smoking as a determinant of their education. The school provides services in tobacco cessation sessions for both employees and learners although it is not a necessity. In fact, the ban has encouraged many campus workers to quit smoking. It is easy for a learner to give smoking compared to staff. Mostly the young do not always frequently get addicted. Not all learners are at ease with the smoking free trend. Some think that the administration of the university has no right to abolish a tendency that is legal. According to the law, students are allowed to smoke if they so wish. Therefore, the university has no right to make the decision on behalf of the learners.

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