Essays on vaccinations

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Vaccinations.Also, disease-causing bacteria and viruses usually occur in different forms referred to as different strains (Miller, 2008). In most cases, vaccines are designed to handle certain strains. For instance most flu shots available presently are designed to work against the common strains of flu virus which has been in existence for quite a while. Thus, such vaccine cannot prevent against new strains of flu. This explains why vaccines do not give a lifetime protection against diseases.As explained above, vaccines are usually designed to work against certain strains. Yet, every now and then, new strains emerge which are often stronger than the previous ones. This therefore renders the incumbent vaccination ineffective. Usually, vaccines do not guarantee full protection from a disease. Their strength fizzles out with time. Thus, one has to have another shot of vaccine so as to continue strengthening their immune system.Health care workers should be subjected to regular and extensive training so as to acquaint them with the new occurrences with regards to diseases. This enables them to keep abreast with the new strains that emerge. Such information is important as it enables the m to update their vaccines so as to stay effective.Equipped with knowledge about the new merging diseases, health workers get to know what to use and when to use so as to guarantee effectiveness in the fight against outbreaks. As stated, new strains of disease-causing bacteria and viruses develop from time to time. Regular training and updating of information regarding such strains is essential l as it enables the health workers to discard old vaccines that have been rendered obsolete, and develop new effective ones. This enhances effectiveness of vaccines and accelerates the fight against various

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