Ethical And Moral Dilemma Studies

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Ethical And Moral Dilemma Studies. Needs to be 9 pages. She is also obligated to honor the orders from her seniors and hence the conflict of interest. By letting go of the cocaine case, Linda would be acting against morality and the oath of service she took and the distribution of the drug would cause more harm to the society. Failing to heed to the distress call by the dispatcher would imply that she doesn’t honor the authority and as such liable for punishment. Besides, her failure to attend to back up the burglary case may imply that her fellow officers would be outdone by the criminals and as such the whole force being on the losing side. Linda also would consider the morality in failing to arrest the drug trafficker on the premise of overcrowding o the jails which would also be unethical. This paper postulates that Linda would assume the call by the dispatcher to concentrate on the drug crime as it is an equal crime as the burglary is. The ethical support o such reasoning would be based on the fact that crime towards humanity is always unethical. Trafficking harmful substance such as the drug compromises the social well-being of the people who would use it and hence the moral responsibility of the police force to combat the crime. Although burglary is an equal vice, Linda is not ethically justified to leave drug crime to attend to the burglary because as much as burglary needs attention, drug trafficking requires an equal and urgent attention. Linda is therefore in the crisis between choosing to be loyal to the seniors and acting legally as the profession expects of her.

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