Ethical challenges

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Based on the ethical challenges identified in the Powerpoint, choose and depict two risks to the corporation related to each challenge in a 1-page table using either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or ExcelWrite a 1- to 2-page corporate code of ethics using Microsoft Word based on your review of professional associations, such as IEEE, ACM, SANS, ISACA, ASIS, and ISC(2), and the ethical challenges identifiedWrite a 1- to 2-page concise synopsis of classical ethical theoriesWrite a 1- to 2-page process to logically evaluate ethical dilemmas as they arise with the expansion of the company into the country you have chosen. The process should reflect the code of ethics you provide; for example, your process could start with identifying which part of the code applies to a particular new dilemma and move through assessing the various choices you could make along with any resulting consequences. The end goal is to help your corporation manage complex ethical questions with a variety of stakeholders.

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