Ethical consumerism

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Write 8 page essay on the topic Ethical consumerism.In addition, the company avoids criminal acts such as corruption and fraud. It is also committed to helping the community by participating in charity events. This has contributed to its good reputation in the market.

Ethical consumerism refers to buying or using products that are ethically manufactured and delivered. In the current market world consumers highly value ethically produced goods (Payne 2012, P. 1). Examples of ethically produced goods include those that can be recycled. Companies that produced such kind of goods are viewed as ethical companies because they care about environmental sustainability. Such companies indicate how their products can be recycled on their product labels.

In addition, the processes of producing the goods have to be ethical. For instance, ethical production includes avoiding child labor and overexploitation of workers. Buying goods that are produced by underpaid workers or slavery is not ethical consumerism (Payne 2012, P. 1). Other products that fall under ethical categories include those that organically produced goods. Such goods do not contain chemicals that may harm the health of consumers. Other products in this category include cosmetic, fashion, electronic and insurance products. By buying such goods one qualifies to be an ethical consumer. One can be an ethical consumer without knowing, however. ethical consumerism involves being aware of ethically produced goods in order to prevent abuse and exploitation.

An example of a firm that claims to operate ethically is Dell Company. The company is ranked among the most ethical firms globally in the year 2014 (Ben 2014, p.1). The ethics and values of the company include carrying out its operations in integrity ways, focusing on accountability, and commitment to engage with its consumers and suppliers in ethical ways. The company has used various approaches in order to achieve the high position…..

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