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Ethical decision-making

The term “ethical decision-making” implies that a methodical, intentional process is used to make decisions that align with a certain set of ethical standards. While this sounds like a straightforward process, in reality, ethical decisions may not be straightforward at all. In fact, ethical decisions are often referred to as “ethical dilemmas,” indicating that there is no clear-cut option. When faced with an ethical dilemma, some people make good choices and others don’t. For this discussion, we will explore the factors that lead a person to make an ethical or unethical decision.For your initial post, do the following:List three reasons people make ethical decisions and three reasons they make unethical decisions. In other words, share three factors that lead to ethical decisions and three factors that lead to unethical decisions. Next to each reason, indicate if the reason is an individual factor, significant others factor or opportunity factor as described in Ferrell and Gresham’s model of ethical decision-making. Of the three reasons you listed as reasons for making ethical decisions, discuss which factor you think is the most significant and explain your rationale. Cite at least one credible source.

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