Ethical-Legal Change Agents

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Write an essay on Nursing Leaders as Ethical-Legal Change Agents in Health Care. It needs to be at least 250 leader, it is the view of this student that the framework for making legal and ethical decisions should entertain both key determinants of the law as well as the underlying and pervasive considerations for the patient (Jenkins, 2012). Though this may seem as an obvious approach, it is somewhat different from the way in which ethics are employed within other institutions outside of healthcare. By employing such a dual approach, it is incumbent upon the healthcare professional to analyze each and every situation from the perspective of legality as well as the end utility that it provides to the patient (Sorrel, 2008).Finally, with regards to the actions that this particular author will plan to take in order to solve moral distress caused by ethical dilemmas, this has been adequately and briefly enumerated upon in the preceding analysis. By seeking provide a feedback loop of sorts in order to manage and determine the level of utility that each and every decision will have to the shareholders in question, the healthcare provider can seek to implement such an approach to maximizing ethics and healthcare provision (Dauwerse et al, 2011).Dauwerse, L., Abma, T., Molewijk, B., & Widdershoven, G. (2011). Need for ethics support in healthcare institutions: views of Dutch board members and ethics support staff. Journal Of Medical Ethics, 37(8),

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