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Ethics in Medicine

Submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Ethics in Medicine.Subsequently, an analysis of womens rights to their bodies is outlined in this paper. This will be achieved in this paper through the identification of a point of argument relative to womens rights to their bodies, an elucidation of the logical strengths and weaknesses of the issue as well as how it is approached, and also through a determination on whether the issue attempts to overreach into personal liberty.Krieger postulates the fact that the history of womens fight for the right to their bodies runs back to the 1970s. This began when women established movements geared towards the protection of their rights to “access safe, legal abortion and contraception in North America and Europe and soon afterwards Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa” (p. 726). During this period, women fought for their right to make their own decisions in regard to what point at their lives to have children, as well as the method or technique to be used when giving birth not considering their ethnic background, age, abilities, and also their social and economic status.Womens rights to their bodies became an issue when countries all over the world started creating and implementing plans of action aimed towards denying women their rights. For instance, this became an issue in India when the government enforced rules that required women to undergo sterilization and also insert hormonal implants in their bodies. Similarly, womens rights to their bodies became an issue in the Philippines and South American countries as a result of imposed strategies supported by the religious organizations disallowing or making illegal birth control methods and termination of pregnancies. In some African countries such as Egypt and Nigeria, womens rights to their bodies became an issue based on the governments disregard to dangerous and harmful cultural practices such as female circumcision (Krieger

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