European transports and communications systems

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Write an essay on European transports and communications systems. It needs to be at least 2000 words.As the key directions the following have been named:2. The use of various forms of co-operation, in particular between the bodies, engaged in national programs, and EU, and also transnational cooperation which is certainly the best way for achievement of objects in view.The European commission has established the supervisory council for the middle of 2001,as if to ways of cooperation work on revision of policy of cooperation between the EU countries-members now is conducted.The experts consider that the aircraft cannot develop in vacuum. its condition and development are defined by a society. The industry should satisfy constantly growing needs: reduction of cost of transportations, improvement of service, increase of a level of safety and conformity to ecological requirements, and also creation of aviatransport system which would cooperate with other transport systems. If to draw a conclusion, that in case of if this Utopia will be realized by 2020, the set of other radical changes in the Europe will be required(Kassim, 2007).So, new technical decisions and systems which will allow planes to fly in any weather conditions are necessary, and also to change some norms for optimum differentiation of air space between civil and military operators. Also updating systems of management of the airports is necessary.10 years ago the space researches within the EU were not held. However for today the European commission represents a wide spectrum of the research programs directed on maintenance of competitiveness of the aviation industry. For the achievement of objects the frame agreements were concluded. On the increase in budget it is possible to judge about the level of development of aircraft in Europe during the last 10 years. The second frame agreement (1989-1992) has allocated for carrying out of researches in the

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