Evidence Based Strategy Plan

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 page essay on Evidence Based Strategy Plan.For the purpose of this evidence based strategy plan, the instructional area that has been identified is classroom behavior. It should be noted that the broader range of skills that are practiced every day in the classroom setting substitutes social behavior as the final assessment tool. Classroom behavior plays a significant role in allowing peers to come across social values as well as way of communication. It is often noted that some students undergo difficulties in displaying a positive and constructive classroom behavior. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of a teacher to undertake reinforcement in such a manner that it allows students to easily overcome the difficulty of social activities.It should be noted that the classroom management involves a great deal management skills and techniques that would yield effective results. Herein, the instructional area that has been selected for the purpose of coming up with an evidence based research strategy is classroom behavior. The technique to be used is token economy. It is evident that token economy has proven a very effective way to come up with an effective way to focus on respective instructional areas. Talking about the behavioral area, classroom behavior, it is expected that the implementation of the token economy will render many positive results (Kazdin, 2012).A number of researches have conducted a thorough evaluation of the strategy of token economy. The strategy is based upon the learning framework of operant learning theory. According to the framework, it is stated that the rewards and punishment system is more likely to impact the behavior of students and overall process of learning. It is stated that the usage of tokens is undertaken to allow the students to get desired thing. It could be either a material or points for academic excellence. There are many symbols that are settled down

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