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Evidenced based models

1. Attached is the clear and precise outline of how this paper should be formulated.  The key is to PLAN how you will research and implement an evidence-based model with your chosen client which will be a made up client to use the evidenced based models on.2. Invest time and effort to search the literature and identify for two to three relevant empirically supported therapies from the plethora of evidence-based models.3. Cultural adaptation of your selected therapies is expected. You need to start researching the types of client issues that you see in your field placement as part of your starting this assignment early. Additionally, identify journal articles, clinical guidelines, or book chapters that focus directly on your chosen clinical topics4. Therefore, specifically delineate the different manifestations (e.g., behavioral affective, imagery, cognitive or interpersonal) of the client’s presenting condition using the SMART outcome model, and identify their corresponding empirically supported therapies or interventions; and must utilize the BASIC-ID Multimodal Therapy model for assessment and treatment planning deliberations.5. Draw from the following journals: Clinical Case Studies, Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work, Clinical Social Work, Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development, Clinical Psychology, and several other related clinical journals and sources that deal directly with your chosen topic of clinical interest. Related journals (several suggestions will be provided) and/or book chapters regarding transdiagnostic and other related clinical research sources.

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