Existence of socail equality

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Does sexual equality exists in our society In answering this question. Consider whether or not cultural equality exists, whether social equality exists, and whether biological equality exists.The paper is aimed to discuss different issues related to sexual equality specifically the presence or absence of it. The different factors affecting the concept of sexual equality will be presented and discussed. One example is the exploration of the root causes of gender inequality. Ultimately, the study is aimed to determine the existence of social equality in the society.The study explores the presence or absence of sexual equality. It is a notion that in reality, sexual equality is merely an objective and a concept aimed for since sexual inequality prevails. In addition, the premises found in real societies can only allow for the existence of sexual inequality. There are different views that express the origins and reasons for sexual inequality such as functionalist and conflict theories.The functionalist theory is a way of viewing social inequality to be necessary on the basis of the functions of the different members and components of the society. For example, the role of men is different from the role of women, thus, they need not be compared. Instead these two groups that comprise the society should be view in terms of their complementary roles and functions (Tischer, 2010, p.254). On the basis of this view then, functions designated to every component of the society dictates the dynamics within that social unit. This trend is very evident throughout the history of the human civilization. Even in the earliest societies, men hunt while women attend to the children and the house.Sexual inequality then can be considered as the way of life of the people. What changed then since the said period is the view of the women regarding their role in the society. Due to the long history of having roles attached to the household, the female population became recognized and perceived to be better suited to stay at home while the male population works for a living. It then became increasingly natural to just assume that

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