Experience Working in the medical environment

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Experience Working in the medical environment.The institution’s location is also suitable for learning. My background study into the institution also identifies competent staffs that are ready to mentor students in the profession’s scope and in leadership. Consequently, studying in the institution, instead of an alternative institution, will improve my chances of completing the program and my chances of securing a job and advancing in the field, besides empowering me with operational and leadership for the field. Compassion for patients is, however, my main reason for pursuing the field of study and this developed from an experience in which care personnel mistreated my friend during our early adolescence. The friend had collapsed and when we took him to the nearest health facility, the personnel appeared preoccupied with other patients and presumed that the friend could have been under influence of drugs and that we could be an illegal gang. This treatment hurt me and I purposed to work in an environment in which I can interact with patients in such a condition and offer them the necessary services. My secondary objective into the field is to play a leadership role and ensure that medical assistants offer patients proper treatment.Working in the medical environment has been my dream and the scope of work of a medical assistant, that involves clinical service, seems to offer an opportunity to fulfilling this dream.

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