Experiences and socialization

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Compose a 500 words essay on The Experiences and socialization that contributed to the isolation and downfall of the Motor City. It was therefore clear that any negative outcome from the industry would have a direct and similar effect on the economics of the city. Thus, when the industry then switched to automation, most of the city’s residents lost their jobs. The industry declined further during the 1970s energy crisis and the 1980s economic recession. Intense global competition from other carmakers also contributed to the fall of Detroit’s automotive industry.(15pts) Main Point #2 -Constant riots also deemed the city socially uninhabitable, with the most significant one occurring in 1967. The 1967 summer riot occurred in five days resulting in the death of forty-three people and 467 injured ones. As many as 2500 stores were looted 390 families were displaced from their homes and over 400 buildings were burned. Moreover, the city experienced $80 million losses from arson and looting, which destroyed many institutions and enterprises to the point of no return.(15pts) Main Point #3 – The third major cause of Detroit’s decline is the city’s bloated taxing system, despite the notoriously poor services offered by the government in return. The city’s property tax rates are the highest in the country, where they even exceed 4% for some buildings. This has led disinvestment in the city’s housing industry, in spite of the ridiculously cheap housing. Detroit’s houses are assessed far beyond their real worth. thus, house buyers avoid them as they leave them with inflated tabs.(20 Pts) Counter Arguments – However, many would argue that Detroit’s racial conflicts after World War 2 were the real reasons for its downfall. These conflicts were started off by that era’s poor government policies, which became worsened when enforced by seemingly prejudiced politicians. During the 1950s and 1960s, white mayors ordered the construction of roadways through functioning African American neighborhoods such as Black Bottom, and then housed

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