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Experiencing work

Compose a 500 words essay on Experiencing Work. Dedication to his career is one of his most admirable characteristics. He does not mind spending long hours in school. He values each minute spent tutoring students who are having a hard time understanding their lessons. He does not only teach them math, he is also considered by most students as their best friend. Most students come to him to ask for advice with regards to their other subjects or even about their personal problems.When asked why he chose the teaching profession, when it is a job which is not financially rewarding, he smiles and answers, “Money is not the most important thing in this world. What is more rewarding is being able to help other people.” He adds, “My reward is not in this world. Mine is in heaven.” He said that he was once offered by a large company to be part of its training department. It offered a very lucrative salary with several fringe benefits to go with it. He refused the job because he knew that he will not be happy working for that firm. He said that he will not find fulfillment in a job with a high salary if he does not enjoy doing it.While other employees hate waking up each morning because they will be doing the same boring job again, he always thanks God for another day where he can share his talents and skills with other people. He said that he is one of the lucky persons who have found his true vocation. It has brought meaning to his life. At night, when he feels so tired from a days’ work, he just thinks of the number of children whom he has taught that day and all the tired muscles seem to go away. The satisfaction that he gets from teaching is more than enough to relax him at night.He also said that another reason why he enjoys his profession is that he always feels young and energetic being with young people every day. His pupils serve as his inspiration

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