Experimental data

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Plot this data in excel. Open ExcelStart a new workbook in EXCEL.  Enter the following experimental data: For row A1 enter “x”.                  In row A2 enter “0.110”.               In row A3 enter “0.125”.  In row A4 enter “0.150”. In row B1 enter “y”. In row B2 enter “1.08”.               In row B3 enter “1.32”.                In row B4 enter “1.58”.               In row B5 enter “2.04”.           Finish entering data.The next part is to graph the data and then complete a curve fit which we will skip. The curve fit will give the equation y = 9.23x + 0.13. Use this equation to calculate the predicted y or yfit.           In row C1 enter “y fit”.           In row C2 enter “= 9.23*A2 + 0.13”.           Click to select row C2. Then left click twice on the lower right corner of C2. This will calculate for row C3 – C5.Now calculate the square of the error      In row D1 enter “Error squared”           In row D2 enter “= (B2 – C2)^2″.           Click to select row D2. Left click the lower right corner twice to repeat the calculation for rows D3 – D5.Now calculate the root mean square error.          In row D6 enter ” = sqrt( Average(D2:D5) )”.          When this is done you should have a value of 0.0516 in row D6. This is the rms error.To calculate the percent error of the fit, calculate the average of the |y|.          In row E1 enter “Abs(y)”          In row E2 enter ” = abs(B2)”.          Click to select row E2. Left click twice on the lower right corner of E2 to calculate for row E3 – E5.        In row E6 enter ” = Average(E2:E5)”.You should have a value of 1.505 in row E6.Now calculate the percent error     In row F1 enter “Percent error —>”         In row G1 enter ” = D6/E6*100″.Now repeat with a new set of data and answer the question below.Question: Enter the experimental data below into an EXCEL workbook.       Height difference    Acceleration               0.110           1.05                  0.125           1.34                0.150           1.54                  0.210           2.10The equation of the best-fit line is y = 9.97x + 0.02. What is the percent error of the fit? Use 3 decimal places.I need the answer for the percent error =_______

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