Exploring innovation through copying

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic exploring innovation through copying. In Ted.com talk, “Where good ideas come from?” Steven Johnson traces the journey of innovative and creative ideas to a coffee house, a commonplace where people would meet daily to have a cup of coffee as they interact and share freely about the happenings around them either consciously or unconsciously. The importance of good ideas cannot be overstated in today’s competitive environment. According to Johnson, a coffee house is just a representative of the many social environments where people operate under minimal pressure yet creative ideas that change how societies operate. The element of conversation according to Johnson is the pipeline through which ideas come from. Johnson goes beyond the mere mentioning of conversation as the origin of good ideas but also argues that the formation and actualization of a concrete idea is a slow examined process that is founded upon life experiences and interactions, in what he refers to as “liquid networks”. He traces this through the Darwinian slow ideas of evolution up to the development of high technological ideas and innovations that have been possible by the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web. This process according to Johnson is a slow and long process. People gather this kind of information through the gathering of the little things that people do in life and finding out the shortcomings associated with a particularly observed happening and slowly thinking about how the issue can be solved. While supporting Johnson’s ideas of innovation and creativity in today’s competitive and dynamic landscape, Johanna Blakely provides information on the concept of ownership of ideas and its implications for creativity and innovation. During her presentations in TED talk, Blakely relates the success witnessed in the fashion industry resulting from the concept of open platform concerning the sharing of information especially those concerning fashion creations and designs.According to her, the success of the industry is compounded by the fact that no one claims ownership of any idea in fashion creations but rather these creations are availed to all other designers so that they may improve on one’s creations and introduce it in the market where other players can also access it.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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