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Explosions of the embassy building

The groups are suspected in the 2002 bombing in the USA. Massive killing in US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania where over 301 individuals died, and 5,000 seriously injured are also linked with the group. The same groups are thought to have shot an American Helicopter and killed the servicemen in Somali in 1992. It was also involved in bombings that targeted American troops in Aden, back in 1992 (US government, 12).This is an article giving pertinent details on the massive death and destruction resulting from building bombing. Terrorism has been rampant in the last decades, and the whole world is looking for a solution to this disaster. Different examples of bombings that took place between the duration have been discussed including the perpetrators of those actions. It has also discussed the effect of terrorism which includes massive deaths and property destruction.This bombing took place in 1993 in February. The bomb targeted the northern tower of the building located in New York. It had a strength of 1.336bl. the plan was to bring the towers down. 6 people died, and 1003 were seriously injured. The organizers were later arrested and charged accordingly (Spencer 45).In September 2001, there were four coordinated suicide attacks planned to reach buildings in Washington DC and New York. The attack was coordinated by Islamic militia (al-Qaeda) who had hijacked four passenger jets. Two planes hit the world trade center and the two towers were down in a span of two hours. One of the other two planes hit the pentagon building in Arlington. The remaining plane crashed in a nearby field when the passengers were tempted to take control before it got its target in Washington. The attacks killed over 3000 citizens and many others injured (Noam 23).Osama bin Laden the chief coordinator of the terrorist group was killed in the last two months.

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