Expression theory of art

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Write an essay on Discuss the expression theory of art, using the chapter from freelandbut is it art. It needs to be at least 2000 words.Sometimes these theories focus solely upon the creation process of the artwork while other theories focus more upon the receiving process of the audience. Still other theories range around the concepts between these extremes, from the way in which the thoughts, feelings, ideas or other communicated goals are transferred from the artist’s mind to the canvas, musical score or movement, captured within that medium and then transferred to an audience. As is evident from the range of these theories, the role of the individual artist has been explored, as has the role of the audience, but another aspect of the creation of art that has played a significant role in the investigation of what is art is the role of the ideologies and customs inherent in the society in which the artwork is created as well as that which is receiving it, which do not always have similar outlooks. A prime example of this can be found in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. As it was being painted, depictions of nudes were completely acceptable and natural but only a few years later they were considered indecent and were given flowing garments to cover the more objectionable parts.2 While it has not been agreed upon which is the most important function of art, most all theorists agree that art does convey meaning either cognitively or expressively. The expressive theory of art contends that art conveys its meaning primarily through an appeal to the senses of its audience, evoking specific emotions and feelings intended either consciously or unconsciously by the artist and capable of conveying even complex ideas such as the existence of God or the power of the mind.As defined by Freeland,3 the ‘expression theory’ as it pertains to art is based on the concept that art is intended to communicate something to the viewer that is focused upon exacting an emotion or feeling. This is accomplished through careful use of line

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