Eye laser surgery

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Submit a 500 words paper on the topic Eye laser surgery. Eye Laser Surgery (Excimer Laser) Laser eye surgery is a process conducted by surgeons on the surface of a human eye with the aim of reshaping the surface mainly using the excimer laser. This kind of medical procedure is mainly carried out to treat both long and short sightedness as well as the surface of the eye which uneven. At the start of the surgery, eye drops are used on your eyes to minimize the discomfort you are likely to experience during the process (Papel 116). Through the use of lid speculum, a tool that helps your eye lids to stay open during the surgery is used after your eye is positioned under the laser. Despite the surgery being carried on people’s eyes successfully and improving their natural eyesight, it does not result to lack of use of glasses (Justesen 80). People will still be required to wear glasses to ensure they do not expose their eyes to any other kind of danger. Eye laser surgery is an effective way of correcting and reshaping your eye despite several challenges. They are several reasons as to why this form of surgery might be deemed important. This might be because someone is unable to use contact glasses and do not at any cost need them for their personal reasons such as cosmetic issues (Papel 116). Another reason is that, wearing of glasses limits what one can do especially in reference to entrainment or any other leisure activity that requires rigorous physical participation. In such a situation, the affected individual seeks the help of a surgeon to help with the eye problem through the laser surgery (Justesen 80). Others try to avoid as much as possible the cost of maintaining the contact lens because they require an extra care because of their fragility nature. People should consider several medical grounds before the laser eye surgery process is carried out for precautionary purposes. Surgeons recommend an individual to be over 20 years before they decide to use this medical procedure for their eye corrections (Justesen 80). Before the process is carried out, there is need to determine the thinness of the corneas because this kind of surgery has extra risks which can seriously impact on an individual. In case of a special condition such as diabetes or a weak immune system, doctors should be in a position to advice accordingly. Eye Laser Surgery Side EffectsThere are several rare side effects associated with laser eye surgery. Most of the notable side effects include glare and the impact of seeing halos around pictures. Others negative effects that result from this kind of eye surgery are challenges while driving at night or in a mist environment, cases of vision fluctuations and experiencing desiccation in your eyes (Papel 116). Driving becomes a challenge because of the increased sensitivity of the eye and in cases of a dry eye, someone needs to use lubricants drop for the eye. There are cases whereby a patient might need a second treatment if what they received at first was not standard either it was over or under treatment. This means that the individual will have to undergo the process again and it’s not a good experience for anyone to wish to undergo. Works CitedPapel, Ira D., Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Thieme, 2011, pg 116, Print. Justesen, Sammie L., A Smart Patients Guide to Surgery, NorlightsPress, 2009, pg 80, Print.

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