Factors that bring up excellent organization

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Assignment 13.With regards to the case studies within our textbook, factors that tend to bring up an excellent organization include monitoring of the staff activities, ongoing coaching as well as a quality supervisory system (Wiles & Bondi, 2004). A high-service quality will only be achieved based on the level of coaching and training that the supervisors undertake. The supervisors that were assigned to each district school had undergone adequate professional development training that enabled them to have the relevant skills to carry out their supervisory duties.One of the major roles of a supervisor based on the case studies is to facilitate the staff so that they are able to share information through interactions among each other. This role is quite significant as it enables staff members to provide quality services that are geared towards meeting the organizational goals. The supervisors that were selected for the district schools had to ensure that they were aggressive in carrying out this role effectively (Wiles & Bondi, 2004). Therefore, the success of having quality performance and service in the district school was dependent on this role.Quality supervision simply includes monitoring people, tasks and processes. In order for an organization to prosper there is need for it to ensure that the set goals and objectives are attainable. Therefore, based on this assumption supervisors must focus on various staff relationships as well as constant assessment of the tasks that are meant to achieve the goals and mission of the organization. The administration of the district schools gave more attention on quality supervision in order to ensure that the performance goals of the schools were attainable.Based on the case studies within our textbooks, supervisors conduct their duty so that they are able to achieve their own set professional goals as well as

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