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Factual cases PowerPoint presentation

Using the factual cases from your own work experience or published cases you discussed in your assigned weekly papers, create a PowerPoint presentation with the following slides: 1. Slide1: Overview of Organization(s) 2. Slides 2-15: Provide a summary of the content included in your paper for each of the following chapters, to include the situation/problem and recommendations: • Ch. 1: Operations Management • Ch. 2: Operations Performance • Ch. 3: Operations Strategy • Ch. 4: Product & Service Innovation • Ch. 5: The Structure & Scope of Operations • Ch. 9: People in Operations • Ch. 12: Supply Chain Management • Ch. 13: Inventory Management • Ch. 14: Planning & Control Systems • Ch. 15: Lean Operations • Ch. 16: Operations Improvement • Ch. 17: Quality Management • Ch. 18: Managing Risk & Recovery* • Ch. 19: Project Management* *Although a paper was not assigned for chapters 18 and 19, you should still conduct the research that is required to meet this requirement. 3. Slide 16: Your overall thoughts of whether the organization was successful or unsuccessful with implementing the strategies from each of the above chapters. 4. Slide17: References formatted in APA for all slides. For additional content, use the notes view of PowerPoint to include details.

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