Fall Prevention

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 7 page essay on Fall Prevention. This paper stresses that participation of more people, proper detailing of the evidence-based model and enhancing ongoing communications are the important steps in change management practice. These can increase the quality of service received by patients and family members. These steps can enhance the organizations’ working standards and provide optimum quality service that can reduce the chances of patient fall. Orientation tour along with fall prevention education helps to lower the chances of the risks involved in acute confusions.

The author approves that the evidence-based model should be successfully applied by nurses because it can help in a variety of settings. The management should have long-term and short-term orientation plan. Continuity in the process of staff training on fall prevention and implementation of proper modules for orientation tour can definitely overcome the challenges of falls in the next 2-3 years on short-term basis. On long-term basis, the management of hospital should try to expand the facility of care. This report makes a conclusion that it can be concluded that orientation tour with fall prevention education is essential for healthcare organizations. The increase of fall rate has also increased the expense of hospitals.

The idea of educating patients and family members provides perfect outcome in reduction of fall rate through the implementation of Rosswurm & Larabee’s change model. Surveys opted by nurse and managers have tremendous effect on smooth running of the new evidence-based change model. Hence it can be said that orientation tour along with fall prevention education for family members and patients can lower the rate of falls of patients in long term care.

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