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Family values

Family values. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.These values include unabated and unflinching love and affection among the family members, and extreme care and concern for the fulfilment of all the needs and requirements of the members. “The family is an intimate social setting where the child first experiences love, care and attention that eventually help in launching him/her into the bigger environment.” (Cruz et al., 2011:3) Hence, it is the moral obligation of the members to abide by these values for the strengthening of the family unit.If any member is in some trouble, or suffering from mental agony, illness or physical problem, the entire family should remain deeply worried till the solution of the problem as well as till his convalescence from the ailment. Another distinguished family value to be followed is the mutual respect and unity, which is rare in any other social institution. The enemy of one member should vehemently be considered as the rival of the entire family, and all members should look down upon him with great hatred and abhorrence. Furthermore, head of family, mostly the father, should work hard to provide financial support to the entire family unit, so that family members could lead a respectable and comfortable life in society. Mother should pay due heed in the brought up, nutrition and socialization of the children. She should also offer her professional services to generate money for the family at the hour of need.Family members must maintain deep feelings of respect and regard for one another. The family values urge the children to remain obedient and complying to the commands of the elders, and always observe honesty, devotion, kindness, compassion and dedication to all family members. Family values motivate the members to exercise generosity and emotional support to others, and forgive the others provided they consciously or unconsciously are hurt by the words or actions of others. Hence, the concepts like deceit, dishonesty,

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