Fashion industry on Chinese customer behaviour

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: How fast fashion industry impact on Chinese customer behaviour With Zara case study. There are two main types of research methods. One is inductive methods and another is deductive methods. In deductive research method, research is generally started from more general overview of the research topic to more specific to the hypothesis. It is often termed as top down research approach or research methodology. The researcher also implements theory related to the topic of the research and narrow it down to the specific hypothesis. Even, the researcher narrows down to more practical observations to address or test the hypotheses and then come down to conclusion of the research. Opposite to deductive research, inductive research is worked out in different way by the researchers. It is one types of back calculation or bottom up research approach. In this type of research approach, the researchers begin with a specific observation or findings and start analysing the regularities and pattern. Finally the researchers end up drawing some general conclusion about the research topic. In this study, deductive research method has been used and therefore, the research has been started from a general overview of this research topic. 3.1 Primary Empirical MaterialThe Primary data collection from focus group was selected for this research in order to identify the opinion and feelings of a group of a people. Zara is one of the famous fast fashion retail chains among these respondents (Chai, 2011, p.196). Moreover, the advantage of this focus group is that the data collection method will be face to face. Focus group is an effective method of qualitative research market. As the research is depending upon the customer’s motivation, behaviour and approaches, this qualitative method will be appropriate. Primary research has been conducted in Chinese high street markets and questions will be asked to the customers of fashion products in China. The questionnaire consists of 20 questions those were handed out to 25 respondents in a shopping mall. When respondents were identified, the researcher intended at random individuals who are aged between 15 and 30. Several conditions have been measured before the designing of questionnaire. Firstly, they should understand the questions properly. secondly, respondents should provide the appropriate information. and finally, respondents must be willing to give the information. Implementing this kind of face to face questionnaire handing out has a major advantage that response rates will be generally higher comparing to telephone interviews or mail surveys. The designed questionnaire is provided in Appendix. 3.2 Results of questionnaire There were total 25 numbers of people who participated in this method. Among them 15 were female and 10 participants were mail. A number of 10 students and 8 office workers have answered these questions. And the rests are health staff and civil servants respectively. The major target audience for the questionnaire were individuals between 15 and 30. Personal income level has an influence of spending.

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