Fate and government belief concepts

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on fate and government belief concepts in ancient greece Paper must be at least 1250 words. This paper has addressed the Greek concepts of hubris, ananke, Eunomia, kalokagathia and demos through works of ancient literature and architecture. To bring together these aspects of Greek culture I will tie in the findings of each work: In Persians, Xerxes, by embracing the state of hubris, displayed runaway pride and ambition which cemented his confrontation with disaster. Homer’s The Iliad shows how the concept of ananke is so much a part of the fabric of Ancient Greece. Plato’s The Republic is an example of how the concept of Eunomia is so intertwined with the principle of justice. the concept of kalokagathia can be found in the structure and intent of The Parthenon.Ancient Greek culture was focused on the controls of destiny and judged this acceptance as heroic. in fact, those who fought the will of fate were considered cowardly fools. In conclusion, the examination of these concepts is an important point of study if one is to understand Greek society and how its members viewed the world around them. In order to view a culture appropriately and therefore its people, it is vital that the language and beliefs be the focus of any examination. The words they use will give the viewer and scholar insight into what they find important and what they fear. The thesis of this paper supports the study of Greek concepts as they relate to literature and architecture, allowing the reader a chance to peek back in time and better understand the thought-processes and belief systems of that ancient time.

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