Female roles in Hollywood films

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses female roles in hollywood films. The Mad Max: Fury Road on the other has continued to earn accolades for its high octane vision of patriarchy and feminist heroism. The movie is developed around a prison escape. The movie is about Charlize Theron, freeing a group of women from sex slavery at the hands of Joe, an evil patriarch. The movie depicts the role of women as well as women revolution aimed at dealing with issues that affect women in the society. Cases of sex slavery have taken place in various part of the world and have majorly affected women (Berman and Flinn, 2010). The hunger games: mocking jay part 1, maleficent and gone girl are powered by women who are considered indelible and protagonists yet women are still underrepresented in Hollywood films. They are the mother, the wife or the girlfriend with very few among them playing the major roles of being the main actors in the films. The success of actresses such as Melissa McCarthy and Shailene Woodly had with various films such Tammy and Divergent last year has threatened to reduce gender representation glass ceiling in the Hollywood films. The paper will focus on analyzing the economic and social power of women as well as their representation in Hollywood films (Cohen, 2012).The roles of women in economic and social power are well represented by Charlize Theron, a female character in the film. Theron has joined various other women actors such as Melissa McCathyin the spy, Scarlett Johansson in Avengers as well as Emilio Clark in the film of the terminator. The women actors have picked up the role that initially belonged to men. The imperator Furiosa has so much courage and decides to rescue the wives of the immortal Joe and help them escape from sexual slavery (Contemporary Hollywood masculinities: gender, genre, and politics, 2012). The film is being congratulated by the many individuals for its depiction of CharlieĀ’s character and the amount of the time on the screen that she is able to get. The use of the woman as the main character in such an action movie was such breathtaking.

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