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Females and Criminology

Females and Criminology. Write a 1250 word paper answering; It is evidently clear from the discussion that females make up approximately half of violent crime victims, despite representing a minority of offenders. Women in the criminal justice system have mainly been involved as crime victims rather than as offenders. However, in order to understand the crime processing of women as victims and/or as offenders, it is crucial to study incidences and experiences of crime pertaining to women, both as victims and as offenders. My broadest exploration in this article is on women as perpetrators. This is because there are has been the extensive exploration of women as victims of crime, and fairly minimal as perpetrators. Women are in most cases known to be the victim as opposed to being the perpetrators of crime. Women are most often, victims of physical assault and sexual assault, the latter being high. Also, female victims account for a large percentage, half of all victims of violent crimes being women. This could be because females are more likely to report being a victim. For many reasons, people rarely disclose their victimization experiences to the authorities. The most common form of crime perpetrated against females is assault. Women are the most common victims of sexual violations. The perpetrators of crime, especially sexual crimes against women, are people they know. These people are usually known to them since in most cases, they are family members and close friends. As perpetrators, we can first look at female involvement in gangs in our criminological research and theory. Women have long been members of gangs since they see this as a channel to solve their problems of gender, race, and class through their involvement in gangs. The main issue in regards to this is not their presence, but the extent and form of their participation.

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