Fergusons bad boys

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic review fergusons bad boys. In the book, Ann Arnett Ferguson, found that there were students who were being labeled with names that had a big effect on them and their reaction. She arranged daily observations and interviews with them. It was a group of eleven-twelve year old boys. The teachers and other students were the once who gave them this name. Some of the names were. at risk, bound for jail and unsalvageable. It turned out that the kids were practically behaving in the way they were treated by their teachers and peers. The boys think that, with the way they were being treated, that’s the way they are supposed to act. They provoke it and make them get in trouble each and every day. In the boys’ minds, they act like so because they think that this is how their lives are meant to be (Ferguson, 234).The fact that the kids are black, and are very young, the kids are always put in different categories and criminalized compare to other boys. The challenges the boys face in school had a great impact on them both at school and when gone home. It affected on how they learned in school. Ann Arnett Ferguson said that some systems in schools should be changed. Labeling practices in school and rules operated exercise that can be part of the curriculum that is hidden to isolate and marginalize the blacks in the disciplinary spaces which then it brands them as being criminal inclined. It was also clear that the teachers never realized what they were doing and labeling the boys since it was like a tradition to them and apart from that, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with doing all these to the boys (Ferguson, 2).The book shows how racism is highly practiced in the schools. In the nation’s schools, the book shows clearly how the black males are always getting in trouble and ends up being suspended from school.

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