Fictional hero

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Select a specific fictional hero figure (not a category of heroes).Select both a recent version of your chosen hero and an older version of the same hero. Be precise and exact: a specific comic book issue, not just “Superman in 1960s comics”; a specific TV episode, not just “The Incredible Hulk TV series” and so on.Study your chosen hero by researching your two different versions as “primary artifacts”—actually watch the film, read the comic book, play the game or whatever.Using your research, describe how the Hero is different or the same in each version. Pick Two to four well-developed aspects/traits: do what you think is significant.Explain why the hero is indeed heroic. Define “hero”, “heroism”, or “heroic” and citing a legitimate source and specifically tie it to your hero with examples from your sources(Source: Any formal encyclopedia or dictionary – but not Wikipedia). You should use a specific example from one of your chosen versions of the hero to illustrate when the hero did something that directly fits the definition of “hero” that you used. For example, if your source says “a hero is willing to make sacrifices” then you demonstrate something from your example where your hero-figure is willing to make a sacrificeFinally, based on everything you’ve learned, explain what information all of this gives us about the culture that produced and consumes these variations of the hero-figure. Explain how or in what ways he or she may help us understand the culture that produced/consumes products of him or her. What does the hero indicate about the cultural values, beliefs, or ideals of the society the produced/consumes products of him or her?It must be in Keynote and have atlas 10 slides. It must also include a slide reference in APA. Cite a source to define “hero” or a version of that word (heroism, heroic, etc.)An example is attached…

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