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Film studies

Essay on Film studies. Paper must be at least 500 words. These films are then presented to the world in their language, as if the film is spoken in English, the audience won’t relate to the same thought process as to what is really being depicted in the film’s native tongue. The foreign film award promotes a sense of awareness of other cultures and practices which differ from Hollywood mainstream practices.&nbsp.To qualify for the award, one of the primary requirements is that the majority of the film is presented in a language other than English although this is not necessarily required to be the language of the country that produced it and must first be released in theatrical format in a country other than the United States. The significance of this is that language has a great deal to do with our perceptions of the world. Word choice is important in any language to convey the nuances of meaning intended by the author. When it is then translated into English for an English-speaking audience, much of this nuance can be lost. According to scholar Benjamin Whorf, language also works internally to shape thoughts and emotions to help us understand our own perception of reality (cited in Kilgour, 1999). By presenting these films in their native (meaning original) language, the Academy is fostering recognition that important thoughts and ideas are pursued in other countries as well as the United States and brings the focus of these films into the mainstream theater audience, who might otherwise have missed them.This is significant when one considers the impact of foreign films such as Life is Beautiful (1998), an Italian film directed by Roberto Benigni. In this film, the director (and star) illustrates the dichotomy between pre and post war Italy as it is seen in the lives of members of one family. The beginning of the film presents a comedic romance between the Jewish Guido and the love of his life, Dora up to a

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