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Final Exam Study Sheet. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Persuasion is thus an essential aspect of marketing. In marketing, it can be done using the AIDA formula. The formula is acronym that is vital in the advertising and highlights lists of activities that occur when the customer is engaged with an advertisement agency. Letter A means attention which requires that the attention of the customer should be realized. Interest is the next stage. D means desire while the last A means action.Those who receive given information or message directly are said to be the primary audience. On the other hand, secondary audience involves a group that receives a copy of the information directly. They also called hidden audience.Research exists in primary or secondary dimension (Vogel 34). Primary research is new and has the aim of address specific questions. Secondary research utilizes information from the initially researched areas.These are channels by which message is conveyed from the sender to receiver (Vogel 76). They include emails, letters, and memos. E-mails are quick and can be sent over long distances. They, however, demand computer literacy that most people lack (Vogel 77). Letters are efficient for a smaller organization and are relatively cheaper. On the other hand, they require literacy that is relative.Direct messages communicate open information to the audience (Vogel 66). They are used when immediate feedback is needed. Indirect messages covers and concealed information. They are often used to pass information that demands discreteness.This includes the adjusting of tones in sentences so that the directly points at the ‘you’ being referred to (Vogel 178). They are mostly used in illustrative or instructional sentences. For example, ‘you are being advised to see the manager.’They are also called topical sentences (Vogel 55). They are made up of short and precise sentences. They appear at the beginning of the

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