Financial reporting control

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Subject: Financial Reporting ControlA rich Qatari man has approached you and your team for a professional advice on financial reporting practices and financial performance among Malaysian public listed companies. He needs your assistance in making a USD2 billion investment decisions in companies that listed on the main market (please exclude Banking/Construction).You are required to perform analysis of financial statements released by Malaysian public listed companies. This report need 2 listed companies from the same industry and you are expected to download 2 most recent annual reports (e.g. year 2018 and 2019) of the companies from the following link:; The following are information to be analyzed (but, not limited to):1. Business nature of the company.2. Ratio analysis: Horizontal and vertical analyses (minimum 15 ratios)Please perform 2-years trend analysis on those ratios and provide your professional interpretation (comments) on the ratios calculated.Based on the above analysis, please recommend the best 2 Malaysian public listed companies for the Sheikh to invest his USD2 billion money (please justify your recommendation).

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