Finding Opportunity

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Texas: Finding Opportunity

Part A

Why did Vy’s parents move to the United States?

a) Vy’s parents fled Vietnam because of a decade-long drought.

b) Vy’s parents fled Vietnam because of the constant threat of natural disasters.

c) Vy’s parents were evacuated from Vietnam during the fall of Saigon and relocated in the United States.

d) Vy’s parents fled Vietnam because of famine.e) Vy’s parents were evacuated from Vietnam because of widespread disease.

Part B

What is Vy doing to connect more with her parents’ culture?

a) Vy is learning to sew traditional Vietnamese clothing.

b) Vy is learning Vietnamese.

c) Vy is learning how to cook Vietnamese food.

d) Vy is reading Vietnamese literature.e) Vy is majoring in Vietnamese history at the University of Houston.

Part C

What demographic characteristic makes the University of Houston unique?

a) The University of Houston is an all-female university.

b) The University of Houston is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the country.

c) The University of Houston has a majority Southeast Asian student population.

d) The University of Houston has a majority Hispanic student population.

e) The University of Houston has a majority African-American student population.

Part D

Vy’s parents wanted her to visit Vietnam so she could understand how difficult life was for them before moving to America. What was Vy’s first impression of Vietnam when she visited the country with her family?

a) Vy thought Vietnam was similar to America.

b)Vy thought Vietnam was very crowded and chaotic.

c) Vy thought Vietnam was ugly and the people were hostile.

d) Vy thought Vietnam was fairly wealthy compared to other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.e) Vy thought Vietnam was sparsely populated and orderly.

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