FITT principle

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FITT principle. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Cardiovascular fitness however, involves activities like walking, biking, skating, jogging as well as rowing.These activities in turns strengthen the heart and lungs of human being and hence. the muscles become more efficient due to availability of enough oxygen. In addition, the activities involved during cardiovascular fitness increases the amount of blood pumped per heartbeat hence. lowering resting heart rate up to an average of 72 BPM.Normal functioning and working of the heart depends on the resting heart rate and when it is low it enable the heart to function well and that why Cardiovascular fitness becomes an essential component of life (Dennis, McCully and Juris, 13-19.).Nevertheless, during cardiovascular fitness process, Aerobics which is an exercise under the process results into long term activity usually termed as cardiovascular endurance. This term is also known as cardio-respiratory endurance and it is the ability of the body of a human being is able to work continuously for a given absolute time frame.The practitioners however, have availed that cardio-respiratory endurance increases ones chances of living longer here on earth since it is a channel of healthier life. In addition, when one fails to engage into cardiovascular fitness, he or she may be affected by cardiovascular diseases such as type2 diabetes and obesity. In adhering to the health principle, one needs to understand the importance of FITT principles which brings about benefits to the health of your heart. The table below illustrates different FITT principles that give us an overview as far as the issue of body health is concerned.It is standardized that maximum cardiovascular benefits are accomplished when one engages into an exercise three to five times per week. This leads to improvement of general fitness but at times one may be engaged

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