FMEA activity

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Could you provide an idea to solve the both below questions 1.Select a process with which you are familiar.Identify the most important customer for the process.Identify the ouput or outputs that are important to the customer.

Make a process map of the process. This process map should fit on a page. If this does not seem possible choose a sub process and map that or reduce the level of detail in your map.

Identify the inputs to the process and whether they are controllable and easy to change, controllable but hard to change and noise or environmental

2.You have been asked to lead an FMEA activity to assess and contain the major risks associated with the process you examined in question

1.You will need rating scales for Severity, Occurrence and Detectability.Based on your knowledge of the process, the customer(s) and what has happened in the past prepare drafts of customised scales for this exercise.

In the case of the Severity scale the ratings should be based on your knowledge of the possible impact of failures on the customer(s) you identified. In the case of Occurence the scale should be based on your knowledge of the likelihood of failures.

For detectability the scale should be based on the controls as you know them today.

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