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Food hunger and Reducing food waste

Compose a 1000 words essay on Food hunger and Reducing food waste. Considering this as the major reason, hunger and malnutrition are regarded as the leading risks towards health worldwide. The positive aspect of this problem is that there is enough food available in the world for feeding everyone. Moreover there is no need of doing any special scientific research or breakthroughs. The only thing which is required is application of knowledge along with the tools in hand. once these are combined with political policies the complete problem can be solved (Sizer & Whitney, 2013).Solving the problem of hunger can be termed as the best strategy in today’s tough economy. Once individuals from different nations will come forward to solve this dilemma then eventually it will increase productivity. Opening new channel of communication will also create economic opportunities. However the controversies have revealed that the countries have lost millions of dollars in their efforts towards economic output and the effects of child under nutrition program.The best factor towards contribution of peace and stability is problem of hunger resolve. If a certain government is not able to deal properly with this problem then states are prone to fall. Volatility related with food market is translated quickly into the volatility on the streets. Once the problem of hunger is solved it will become the foundation towards other areas of development which comprises of health and education too. If women are well-nourished then they will have healthier babies who will be born with an immune system which is strong and healthy as required for leading a strong and healthy life. A healthy and well-fed child is definite to attend school in future.The head of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have asked their team members to look for innovative measures for cutting down global food loss and waste. Once the food wastage is reduced all nations will be able to fight for elimination of hunger. At a

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