Food shopping trends

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

It is all one question, we had to save a receipt and show our food shopping trends and how we spend our money.Discussion 1 Save a cash register receipt from a shopping trip to the food market or borrow one from a family member or friend. The cost of 4 prepackaged food items that are sold by weight and the cost of at least 3 fruits or vegetables need to appear on the receipt. If you have no access to a receipt with these items, then you will need to go to the store and write down the cost information.

Fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound. Add up your total cost for the fruits and vegetables and find the average cost per pound. [Example: if bananas are .79 per pound and apples are .59 per pound, the average is calculated like this: (.79 + .59)/2 = 1.38/2 = .69 per pound on average for the two fruits.]

Locate the weight of your prepackaged food items. [For example, on a box of Frosted Flakes it says 15 oz., thus it is sold by weight not by volume.] Add up all of the weights for your prepackaged items and then add up all of the costs for your four prepackaged items. From the totals, find the average cost per ounce of prepackaged items. Convert your results to cost per pound; using proportions will help. [Hint: How many ounces in a pound?] Now, compare the cost per pound of unprocessed food compared to prepackaged processed food. Amazed? Respond to at least two of your classmatesÂ’ postings.

Do the calculations seem reasonable?

Based on the posting you authored and the postings you read, do we seem to be paying for the product, convenience or the packaging?

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