Foreign development investments

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Factors affecting Foreign Development Investments. Paper must be at least 250 words. Mercedes was initially designed with the initial intention of a dignitary model. This set a perception especially on the largest market proportion which doesnÂ’t rank so. In many instances Mercedes has the a better record in luxurious experiences, and this has been brought about by its less cost effective operations, yet with virtually similar services as most brands. Its technology has been static for quite long and the already established customerÂ’s club shifts their attention to the new brands that can fairly identify with their foreign partners.The Mercedes must develop a new technology engine model with higher competencies superseding the brands in the market. This can involve the use of light engines yet with high power rating. The model should also be designed to fit many events like sporting, partying, diplomatic, and in the event making it accessible for all. The quality must however not be compromised. There should be annual promotions made in form of displays and other organized events. Incentives must also be given to customers such as free servicing during the promotions. Most importantly, regulations should be provided by the company in conjunction with international trade agencies. This will help limit the possibilities of discrimination to local as well as the foreign firms trading in the brand. This will ensure a larger market

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